Company name: KRPA PAPER, A.S.
Visiting address: NADRAZNI 266  
Postal code & Place: 543 71   HOSTINNE
Postal address: NADRAZNI 266  
Postal code & Place: 543 71   HOSTINNE
E-mail address: paper@krpa.cz
Web address: www.krpa-paper.cz
Company type: producer
Member of: SYBA
Company information: KRPA PAPER is one of the most important paper producer in Central and Eastern Europe. Products branded by KRPA are used in many countries, partucularly in the European Union. Established more than 170 years ago, KRPA PAPER has stable market position which gives our customers a guarantee of reliability.

KRPA PAPER specializes in producing greaseproof and barrier papers branded KH PACK.

KH PACK is greaseproof paper intended to cover both the wrapping of foods and also the wrapping of various industrial products that are either fat or water containing or requiring protection from humidity or fat from the outside such as any type of powdered products.

The grease/water resistance of this paper is achieved by a surface treatment to the base paper. The unique technology of advanced coating guarantees supreme functional property and its chemical structure prevents even a theoretical contingency of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) appearance.

KH PACK is recommended for the primary food packaging and also for conversion to paper bags for food and fast food end uses as well as laminating with aluminum, polyethylene and polypropylene foil, paper and other materials, thereby creating a wide range and variety of other additional end uses. The change of surface tension improves run ability, cutting, rewinding, folding and gluing.

KH PACK may be glued by using common adhesives, such as starch based glue products. Paper is suitable for printing, using standard printing techniques, the most appropriate being flexography. The printing inks used for food wrapping have to comply with current food wrapping regulations. Depending on customer’s requirement, we are able to offer up to 4 - colour printing in house.

End use examples – wrapping of:
* pastry, bread
* confectionery
* fast food
* butter
* cheese
* meat, smoked meat
* yeast
* pet food
* biscuits
* sensitive industrial products

KH PACKis covered by a “suitable for food use” certificate and our production is regularly checked by the responsible independent control institutions & authorities.

KH PACK is fully recyclable, exposed as waste the paper decomposes naturally, when burnt the paper develops no gases, which could be hazardous to the environment.

Delivery programme
  • Packaging printing
  • Paper, other
  • Paper, wrapping paper