Company name: UNIPAP A.S.
Visiting address: BYST 210 
Postal code & Place: 533 22  PARDUBICE
Postal address: BYST 210 
Postal code & Place: 533 22  PARDUBICE
E-mail address: unipap@unipap.cz
Web address: www.unipap.cz
Company type: producer
Member of: SYBA
Company information: UNIPAP a.s. is a strong dynamically growing company which is on the European market since 1993. Company originally started with wholesale activity and paper processing but during the years grow up in the shape when is one of the most powerful companies in the packaging market.
We give a more to our customers than the other packaging producers and it is our Leading company philosophy. We give a real responsible partnership in packaging assurance.
Delivery programme
  • Adhesive tape, gummed tape, tape
  • Antistatic packaging
  • Bags, other
  • Bags, plastic
  • Barrier packaging
  • Binding and stitching mechanisms
  • Board, corrugated
  • Board, folding carton
  • Boxes, carton
  • Boxes, corrugated board
  • Boxes, other
  • Boxes, solid board
  • Cardboard carriers
  • Computer aided design
  • Containers (transport), box
  • Containers (transport), folding
  • Containers, stackable
  • Contract and custom packaging
  • Corner protection material
  • Cushioning material
  • Film, air bubble
  • Film, plastic
  • Film, stretch
  • Interiors
  • Labels, other
  • Labels, paper
  • Labels, plastic
  • Labels, self-adhesive
  • Moulded pulp packaging
  • Pallets, box pallets
  • Pallets, wooden
  • Paper, wrapping paper
  • Research
  • Shipping packaging
  • Sleeves
  • Strapping band and wire, plastic
  • Transport and logistic services
  • Trays, board
  • Visualisation of products: market samples/mockups/virtual reality