Company name: PETPAKA, LTD
Visiting address: TAIKOS PR. 92 
Postal code & Place: 51180  KAUNAS
E-mail address: pak@petpaka.lt
Web address: www.petpaka.lt
Company type: producer
Member of: LPA
Company information: The company was established 1989. The main fields of business are manufacturing plastic packaging, boxes, containers, trays, organic glass constructions, packaging services. As a material we use polivinylchloride (PVC), polistirol (PS), amorfic polistirol (APET), PP.

We use automatic thermo-forming machines for the production, the material comes in rolls. There is a separate Mechanical department for the production of metal forms for our machines. Well-equipped facilities, fully trained and experienced staff guarantee the best price and high quality.

At the moment we are working towards LST EN ISO 9001 : 2001 system requirements.
Delivery programme
  • Blister packaging
  • Boxes, plastic
  • Cases, plastic
  • Closures, plastic
  • Dishes/trays, plastic
  • Returnable packaging systems