Company name: PAVAG FOLIEN AG
Visiting address: BAHNHOFSTR. 33 
Postal code & Place: CH-6244  NEBIKON
Postal address: BAHNHOFSTR. 33 
Postal code & Place: CH-6244  NEBIKON
Telephone (central): +41 62 748 93 00 
Telefax (central): +41 62 748 93 84 
E-mail address: info@pavag.ch
Web address: www.pavag.ch
Company type: producer
Member of: SVI
Company information: Accuracy and efficiency, whilst Maintaining flexibility
your Swiss Partner in flexible Films

PAVAG FOLIEN AG, offers you a wealth of experience in the field of Extrusion, Laminating, Printing and Converting. From our production location in Nebikon, products find their way into different applications throughout the European Market and beyond.

Originally a paper producing company since 1926, PAVAG started the production and conversion of Flexible Film in 1975. In 2001, significant investments in Extrusion, Printing and Converting equipment, turned PAVAG into an innovative, flexible and creative producer of Flexible Films and Packaging Films for the Food and Non-Food Market.

Our production facilities in Nebikon (near Luzern) Switzerland, cover a total area of 30,000 m2 under one roof. Geographically, we are ideally located to serve the European market. A team of over 100 employees, produces ¡Ư10,000 tons of Flexible synthetic films annually which find their way to a growing number of European customers. Through a network of Sales People, Sales Agents and our affiliated Sales Offices we are never too far away. PAVAG is there to provide you with product development, design, sales support , swift response and accurate deliveries.

At PAVAG we produce Mono and Multi Layer co-extruded films, up to 5 layers. The specific characteristics of each layer, enable us to adapt the barrier and/or sealing properties, to each individual application. Specialties at PAVAG are Oxygen Barrier by means of EVOH, suitable for modified atmosphere packaging, as well as High Strength Durable Cross-Laminated Films.

Printing & Laminating
High Quality Flexo graphic printing is our Expertise. We print up to 10 colours on gearless printing machines. To obtain the best achievable results, we work with Polymer sleeves and have our own ¡®in-house¡¯ Pre-press reproduction facilities at your disposal. Solvent based, solvent free, as well as Hot-Melt Lamination, are all within our range of possibilities.

Delivery programme
  • Film, laminated
  • Film, plastic
  • Film, stretch
  • Sleeves, stretch