Visiting address: C/. FRANCISCO ANDANÍ 10 
Postal code & Place: 46850  VALENCIA
Postal address: C/. FRANCISCO ANDANÍ 10 
Postal code & Place: 46850  L'OLLERIA
Country: SPAIN 
E-mail address: armando.perez@vitroval.com
Web address: www.vitroval.com and www.glass-project.com
Company type: producer
Member of: ITENE
Company information: The project started when we noticed that glass bottles market trends were changing from the standard bottles to the special ones. This change was the consequence of market differentiation needs. Since we started 30 years ago, we have been improving our design and manufacturing systems and now we can offer a full-personalized bottle starting from the concept and finishing into the product.
How we lead new trends in glass bottles?
Every exclusive bottle passes our rigorous market test. This wide market investigation is possible thanks to Glass Project? 30 years glass bottles market experience.
How we do it?
Our main aim consists in new models continuous development. We create these bottles from the costumer?s ideas or thanks to our Engineered Design Exclusive Program EDEP?. This program has been tested in Glass Project? within the last 30 years and now it is available for every costumer who wants to introduce their products with an image in accordance to their high quality.
We know that most of our costumers invest a lot of money, time, effort and dedication to produce the highest quality products with tradition and technology. In this case, why they do not think to differentiate them from their competitors?
We are committed to persuade our costumers to bottle their products in innovative glass bottles. Why? Because glass bottles not only have to contain the product; now we need that these containers also protect, inform, introduce and the most important thing: SELL the product.
Since we are very conscious of this reality, we have specialized in new glass bottles design. We have produced a lot of new ideas thanks to the last and most advanced CAD/CAE/CAM software. We use state-of-the-art technology to produce new bottles from only an idea. What does this mean? This means that you can have an idea and we can show you it in a short time with 3D models (virtual renderizations or prototypes) that will help you to 'see' what you were thinking about.
In addition, every new project is registered and protected legally. This registration allows our costumers to defend their exclusive image from piracy or copy. Every idea you want to develop will be managed as confidential.
Special Bottles: these bottles are selected from the national and importation market. With these bottles you could show a different image for the products' presentation. We work with more than 40 European factories.
Personalized Special Bottles: if you find any of the previous bottles of your interest, you can mark or emboss them with your personal signature, name of the company, logo, etc.
Exclusive Bottles: these bottles are completely developed in our New Products Department. These models are previously tested with our Engineered Design Exclusive Program EDEP? and now they are available for our costumers. These designs are UNIQUE and, do you know what is really incredible?: we can order a production from only 10.000 units!!.
Personalized Exclusive Bottles...
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