Company name: ISTRAGRAFIKA D.D.
Visiting address: OBALA VLADIMIRA NAZORA 1 
Postal code & Place: 52210  ROVINJ
Country: CROATIA 
Telephone (central): 00385 52 844 800 
Telefax (central): 00385 52 844 971 
E-mail address: istragrafika@istragrafika.hr
Web address: www.istragrafika.hr
Company type: producer
Member of: IAT
Company information: Istragrafika d.d., now a part of the Adris Group, is a major Croatian manufacturer and exporter of the retail-type package. It has developed from a printing plant established by the Rovinj Tobacco Factory in 1956.

Due to enormous investments in modern technique and technology as well as efficient organisation at all business levels, Istragrafika makes high quality retail-type packages applying the international standard - ISO 9001.

In 2004, Istragrafika d.d. Rovinj bussiness operations were characterized by several important events. After the installation of the Roland 900 printing line in March, which led to quantitative production and sales growth (12%), Istragrafika adopted an enviroment protection control system according to the HRN EN ISO 14001 in May. On June 1st, the company started the implemenation of the SAP R/3 information system, thereby acknowledging the importance of not only maintaining but improving its market position. Taking into consideration the customers� demand for high-quality and enviroment-firiendly products and the harsh competition in the graphic industry, Istragrafika adopted the environment protection system to assure continuous supervision and prevention of pollution by using environment friendly materials and substances that do not have a direct or indirect environmental impact. It is being done by reducing utility usage and production of waste, process supervision, appropriate equipment maintenance, and compliance with legislative provisions and norms (ISO).

Implementation of the information system

In 2003, having recognized the competitive advantage of adopting an information system and SAP�s leading role in the area of business software soulutions (ERP system), Istragrafika started the project of adoption of SAP R/3 system. On June 1st, the new information system was successfully implemented in all business domains: Sales and Distribution, Materials Management, Production Planning, Human Resources, Financial Accounting and Controling. SAP R/3 has been implemented to support and upgrade all business processes and increase their mutual interaction, quality, updating, accuracy, transparency and manageability. With SAP, our customers and their products receive all the necessary support because SAP R/3 ensures better planning and management of resources and optimization of business processes.