Company name: AMANN & PARTNER AG
Visiting address: PFEFFINGERSTRASSE 19 
Postal code & Place: 4153  REINACH
E-mail address: mamann@amannpartner.com
Web address: www.amannpartner.com
Company type: other
Member of: SVI
Company information: We are one of the leading Design Agencies in Switzerland. Our methodology call Reptile Brain Design is based on the findings about the limbic system of human brain. The limbic system is the part of our brain where emotions are based and decisions are taken.

Reptile Brain Design helps to create packaging designs and Corporate Identities that are significantly more successful in the market. Double digit growth rates are achieved regularly by using our proprietary methodology.

We are happy to give you further information. Please just contact us by email of phone.
Delivery programme
  • Know-how transfer and information