Company name: GS1 SWITZERLAND
Visiting address: LÄNGGASSSTRASSE 21 
Postal code & Place: 3012  BERN
Postal address: LÄNGGASSSTRASSE 21 
Postal code & Place: 3012  BERN
Telephone (central): +41 58 800 70 00 
Telefax (central): +41 58 800 70 99 
E-mail address: information@gs1.ch
Web address: www.gs1.ch
Company type: other
Member of: SVI
Company information: GS1 Switzerland especially promotes initiatives for efficient cooperation between manufacturers, trade and service providers, supports the implementation of international standards, offers training and development and provides suitable communication platforms.

GS1 Switzerland has a uniform presence on the market, in public and to government institutions nationally and international and forms the sector-neutral centre of competence for improvements in logistics, supply chain and demand between trade, industry, service providers and the public sector in Switzerland.

Delivery programme
  • Consultancy
  • Know-how transfer and information
  • Know-how, information and service, other
  • Research
  • Trade Associations
  • Trade journals and other business information
  • Training and education