Visiting address: RAESPWEG 10 
Postal code & Place: 8126  ZUMIKON
Postal address: P.O. BOX 
Postal code & Place: 8126  ZUMIKON
Telephone (central): +41 44 919 0700 
Telefax (central): +41 44 919 0701 
E-mail address: zurich@swissbaltic.biz
Web address: www.swissbaltic.biz
Company type: other
Member of: SVI
Company information: SwissBaltic Business Experts AG is based on 110 years of experience in the packaging industry with marketing and license partners throughout Europe.

Today, SwissBaltic Business Experts AG and its office in Riga, SveicesBaltijas Biznesa Eksperts SIA, specialize in creating commercial contacts between Swiss and Baltic SME (small and medium sized enterprises). The purpose of the company generally comprises consultancy in entrepreneurial projects of technical, organisatorial or immaterial goods nature.

SwissBaltic Business Experts AG in Zumikon (Switzerland) and SveicesBaltijas Biznesa Eksperts SIA in Riga (Latvia)

- create direct Commercial Contacts between SME in Swiss or Liechtenstein and Baltic SME and introduces these companies or their products to the market (market developments).

- find attractive ways of collaboration between SME from Switzerland and Liechtenstein with SME in the three independent Baltic EU-States on the base of market access, performance transportation and direct investment.

- assist SME to lead their projects by the use of the Swiss Enlargement Contribu-tion and the EU Cohesion Fund.

- dispose of an excellent network in Switzerland as well as in the Baltic States with excellent contacts with decision makers (including all official chambers of commerce and organisations for economic development).

- is regularly present in the Baltic states, with active involvement in trade fairs as visitor and as exhibitor (through Peter Wolfensberger in person).

- fulfill all requirements for realizing the potential projects in a direct and per-sonal way.

Peter Wolfensberger is also Official OSEC Expert (OSEC Business Network Switzerland) and Official Public Reprensentative of LIAA (Latvian Industry and Development Agency of Latvia) for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Delivery programme
  • Consultancy