Company name: BASTIN-PACK N.V.
Visiting address: IZ 3 - NEERHONDERD 37 
Postal code & Place: 9230  WETTEREN
Country: BELGIUM 
E-mail address: michel.vandevyver@bastinpack.be
Web address: www.bastinpack.be
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: BASTIN is specialised in laminated printed flexible packagings, upto 8 colors high resolution flexo, on all kind of materials such as paper, films (all types), aluminium foils and aluminium complexes. We can offer block bottom bags, vacuum pouches and standup pouches, with or without zip, tearnotch, handle or eurolock. We also can provide vacuum pouches with 1 or 4 seals, with a valve, esp. for the coffee packaging. We produce all kind of barrier laminates printed in sandwich. This mainly for the food industry & pharma sector.
Bastin is specialised in short and medium runs and is BRC-IoP and ISO 9001-2008 certified by IsaCert, Nl.
Delivery programme
  • Antistatic packaging
  • Bags with valves
  • Bags with windows
  • Bags, other
  • Bags, paper and board
  • Bags, stand bottom bags
  • Film, laminated
  • Foil, aluminium
  • Microwave packaging
  • Paper, kraft
  • Portion packaging
  • Pouches
  • Sachets