Company name: ETIKGRAF D.O.O.
Visiting address: SVETI PETAR U SUMI 96 L 
Postal code & Place: 52404  SVETI PETAR U SUMI
Country: CROATIA 
Telephone (central): 385 52 686 209 
Telefax (central): 385 52 686 560 
E-mail address: etikgraf@etikgraf.hr
Web address: www.etikgraf.hr
Company type: producer
Member of: IAT
Company information: Company Etikgraf d.o.o. was founded in 1986. Our basic function is the production and printing of self-adhesive labels and printing of flexible narrow webs (paper, PP, PE, aluminium) up to 330 mm width.
In particular, we are specialized in printing wine labels for entire region which implies following of global trends and high quality.
Due to printing of labels for pharmaceutical products, we try to daily improve accuracy and precision of the process.

Today, in year 2010, we are in a stage of moving into newly constructed business and production facilities and own a respectable machinery park which consists of following printing rotary and semirotary presses:
- offset
- flexography
- letterset
- letterpress
- screen printing
- foil stamping

With the instalation of the new hybrid printing machine, we achieved the best inline label finishing in the country - screen printing and flexography inline combined with 'super' lack and several hot foil stamping units.
Delivery programme
  • Foil, aluminium
  • Labels, paper
  • Labels, self-adhesive