Visiting address: SCHUMANPARK 67 
Postal code & Place: 7336 AS  APELDOORN
Postal address: P.O. BOX 38 
Postal code & Place: 7300 AA  APELDOORN
Telephone (central): +31 (0) 55 5996500 
Telefax (central): +31 (0) 55 5996518 
E-mail address: info@bordexpackaging.com
Web address: www.bordexpackaging.com
Member of: NVC
Company information: Bordex Packaging is an experienced player in the field of plastic packaging for the food industry. We use our knowledge of the market proactively to offer high quality products. Each challenge is an opportunity to develop solutions that are continually improving - in all aspects. How do we differentiate ourselves? Our innovative packaging solutions combine excellent protective properties with easy processing, publicity options, minimum impact on the environment and a competitive cost price.

Wide range of packaging solutions
We have almost 40 years experience in packaging and films. Our range includes extremely varied packaging solutions and films for the professional food service industry. Their characteristics and properties provide your high quality products such as meat, vegetables and fruit with clear added value.

Standard solutions and custom-made solutions
We offer our customers a wide and varied range of packaging, created from various materials. We can offer a large number of high quality products for many applications from stock. In addition we have the expertise and technology in-house to develop a unique packaging solution for you. Individual custom-made solutions!

Clear vision of B2B
We have a clear vision of how to provide added value in a professional B2B environment. We offer our customers both optimum solutions and a complete service package. Our teams listen to your needs, while at the same time anticipating the market requirements. On the basis of this we offer the ideal combination of the most suitable materials and efficient processing technology.

The link
We design and develop high quality packaging and innovative films which we then have produced for the food industry. Thanks to our close cooperation with customers and producers, we can respond immediately to the requirements of the dynamic food industry. In close consultation with our customers we always come up with a practical and economic solution.

Logistical added value
We use branch standards and guidelines when developing and producing our packaging. The packaging can easily be filled using your existing production line and your products will also remain in optimum condition during transport. Our account managers will be happy to discuss how to make the use of packaging more efficient in your logistics path.

Packaging solutions from which you will benefit
In Bordex Packaging BV you will find a partner who will think alongside you at all levels. Our account managers are experienced and customer oriented. As specialists in their sectors they can provide you with detailed recommendations about the provision of optimal support to your product. They can react fast and flexibly to market developments to offer you a total solution that will fit in with every aspect of your packaging needs. Thus you benefit from the latest developments in the branch.
Delivery programme
  • Film, laminated
  • Film, stretch
  • Moulded pulp packaging
  • Trays, plastic
  • Trays/dishes, aluminium
  • Trays/dishes, plastic