Company name: 3M BELGIUM
Visiting address: HERMESLAAN 7 
Postal code & Place: 1831   DIEGEM
Postal address: HERMESLAAN 7 
Postal code & Place: 1831  DIEGEM
Country: BELGIUM 
Telephone (central): 0032 02 722 5306 
Telefax (central): 0032 02 722 5037 
E-mail address: 3Mbonding.be@mmm.com
Web address: www.3M.be/bonding
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: Industrial Adhesives and Tapes

At 3M, we offer a wide range of adhesive and tape products that enable our customers to design the perfect engineering solution. We understand the importance of good design, which is why our technical teams are on hand to provide valuable support when you need it.

Packing Tape from 3M

Scotch® Packing Tapes are the benchmark when you want to ensure boxes are safely and securely sealed during transit. And with a wide range of tapes in differing strengths in brown, clear or filament varieties– there will be a Scotch Packing Tape that's ideal for your purposes. Available in rolls or on a convenient dispenser, they're easy to apply and enable smooth, secure sealing in seconds.

Different versions mean you can choose to tear by hand rather than cutting with scissors, and yet still rely on the tape being just as strong along its length. Scotch Packing Tapes are also resistant to humidity and temperature change, moisture and chemicals. They can even protect your ears – with our low-noise tape option.

3M benefits include:

-Easy to use
-Tear by Hand version
-Resistant to humidity and temperature change
-Resistant to moisture and chemicals
-Low noise version available
-Range of strengths
-Long lasting – ideal for products with long shelf life

Special Effects Packaging

3M's Radiant Light Film, while transparent, reflects different colours depending on the viewing angle and light intensity. Available in two variants – sea blue to pink and pink to gold. Radiant Light Film can be applied to a multitude of different surfaces, to produce striking finished products, not only creating effective product differentiation through eye-catching packaging, but it can also be used on large-scale internal and external architectural installations; completely changing and enhancing their aesthetic appearance.

Delivery programme
  • Adhesive tape, gummed tape, tape
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Film, other
  • Labels, holographic
  • Labels, other
  • Labels, plastic
  • Labels, self-adhesive