Company name: ECAM S.R.L.
Visiting address: VIALE DEL LAVORO 6 
Postal code & Place: 36030  MONTE DI MALO VI
Country: ITALY 
E-mail address: info@ecamricert.com
Web address: www.ecamricert.com
Company type: other
Member of: III
Company information: Ecam srl is a laboratory dedicated above all to food and environment fields , but also in cosmetic,herboristic and water.We operate chemical and microbiological analysis and we supply also technical assistance in regulation in force.
We have a group of experts engaged in the problems of Food contact Packaging.
In the last 2010 we moved in a new structure where we share the rooms with another laboratory, called RI.CERT. employed in geotechnical ,building material ,acoustic and thermic analysis.