Visiting address: OUDESTRAAT 2 
Postal code & Place: 5469 GG  KELDONK
Postal address: OUDESTRAAT 2 
Postal code & Place: 5469 GG  KELDONK
Telephone (central): +31 (0) 413 341521 
Telefax (central): +31 (0) 413 342270 
Web address: www.verhoevenontwerpburo.nl
Company type: other
Member of: NVC
Company information: Excellence in Design, Product and Process Development

Our goal is to add real value to new product developments by creating superior technical solutions which outperform the competition in functionality and cost effectiveness.

We always aim for innovative solutions, which can be turned into simple components and assemblies to ensure easier and more reliable production and manufacturing.

Designs focussed on functionality, production efficiency and cost

Development Philosophy:
We consider our clients as development co-partners and we consider any boundaries in their manufacturing processes as challenges leading to the creation of smarter solutions
In our view, you should connect the development of a technical principle with the design and the engineering of its components and assemblies
Therefore we offer a full development service including design, engineering, testing and the validation of prototypes and (pilot) tooling
We cooperate closely with companies which have the right skills and equipment for special tasks
We craft structured projects that enable transparent and efficient execution
Based on trust and proven reliability we aim to build long term business relationships with our clients

Our skills and competencies:
Technical creativity in problem solving and technical design
Material knowledge and understanding of production and manufacturing processes
Feasibility studies
Product development with 3D CAD system Pro-E (SolidWorks)
Mould flow simulations
Finite Element Analysis
Rapid prototyping
Development, preparation and testing of simulation models
Mould and pilot mould construction expertise
Risk assessments (Product and Process FMEA)
Tolerance studies
Delivery programme
  • Aerosol accessories, caps, valves etc
  • Bottles, glass
  • Bottles, plastic
  • Caps, plastic
  • Closures, plastic
  • Computer aided design
  • Consultancy
  • Cups, plastic
  • Know-how, information and service, other
  • Research
  • Tamper evident, seals