Company name: ANL-PLASTICS
Visiting address: HERTENSTRAAT 32 
Postal code & Place: 3830  WELLEN
Country: BELGIUM 
E-mail address: info@ANL-Plastics.be
Web address: www.anlplastics.com
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: ANL Plastics manufactures thermoformed quality packs, which create an added value for the customer and consumers.
Based on technological know how and creativity we realise environmentally conscious solutions for existing and new market needs.
About 85 % of our products are tailor made. ANL Plastics offers you its development department, produces the mould and the foil and delivers your thermoformed product, according to your wishes and demands.
The development department thinks along with the customer during the whole path from development to production.
In house service for mould design, build and maintenance
In house extrusion of PET, PP, PS in several thicknesses, colours and composition.
Large and flexible production capacity in Belgium, Poland and France.

As a fully integrated company ANL Plastics extrudes PP, PET and PS in different compositions, thickness and colours.
This allows us to respond in a flexible and independent way to changing needs in the market.
Based on product demands the suitable foil is selected: we adapt colour, transparency, sheen, resistance, flexibility, specific gravity, temperature resistance and sealing and barrier qualities.
Delivery programme
  • Dishes/trays, plastic
  • Displays, plastic
  • Disposables
  • Film, thermoforming
  • Trays, plastic
  • Trays/dishes, plastic