Company name: TOPA INSTITUTE
Visiting address: TORENLAAN 10 
Postal code & Place: 2215 RW  VOORHOUT
Postal address: P.O. BOX 13 
Postal code & Place: 2215 ZG  VOORHOUT
Telephone (central): +31 (0) 252 245350 
Telefax (central): +31 (0) 252 245384 
E-mail address: info@topainstitute.com
Web address: www.topainstitute.com
Company type: other
Member of: NVC
Company information: www.topainstitute.com

Topa Institute is an independent test laboratory with a cutting-edge approach to transport simulation. During transport, vibration, shocks, impacts, compression, fluctuations in temperature or changes in humidity have a major impact on your product and/or packaging.

Topa Institute helps you determine whether your shipment is sufficiently protected against these hazards. The different tests show the possible fragility of the product or packaging.

Using cutting-edge technology alone is not enough. Interpreting the test results, combined with the up-to-date knowledge of our specialists and packaging developers at Topa Institute, can prevent damage to your product during transport and warehousing.

Our specialists focus not just on the packaging. Regularly, a small change to the product itself can be the most effective, fastest and cheapest solution to prevent damage during transport.

Topa Institute is ISO 9001 and ISTA certified. Tests are performed according to ASTM, ISO and ISTA test standards and to customer specific standards.

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Delivery programme
  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Testing of packaging
  • Transport and logistic services