Company name: ILPRA BENELUX BV
Visiting address: HERMESWEG 19 
Postal code & Place: 3771 ND  BARNEVELD
Postal address: HERMESWEG 19 
Postal code & Place: 3771 ND  BARNEVELD
Telephone (central): +31 (0) 342 404730 
Telefax (central): +31 (0) 342 404731 
E-mail address: info@ilpra.nl
Web address: www.ilpra.nl
Company type: producer
Member of: NVC
Company information: Ilpra Benelux BV is a branch office of the ILPRA Group.
Ilpra was founded in 1955 and because of that it guarantees a wide experience in the packaging market.
Within this leading Italian manufacturer of packaging machines, all products are built in-house.
Our main production is located in Mortara in the Milan region. Ilpra specializes in building traysealers,, Food Pack series, cupfillers, Fill Seal series and thermoforming lines, Form Pack series
The strength of Ilpra is that they in all series for the small, medium and industrial applications always have a suitable solution.
The machines are built in series, will continue to control costs and to Ilpra will always be found a suitable competitive machine.
Delivery programme
  • Film, laminated
  • Film, other
  • Modified atmosphere (MAP) packaging
  • Skin packaging