Company name: SCHUT SYSTEMS BV
Visiting address: LOUBERGWEG 22 
Postal code & Place: 6961 EK  EERBEEK
Telephone (central): +31 (0) 313 674500 
Telefax (central): +31 (0) 313 674550 
E-mail address: info@schutsystems.com
Web address: www.schutsystems.com
Company type: producer
Member of: NVC
Company information: Food or non-food, round or rectangular, fresh or deep-frozen – we can show you how to pack your product in cartons using the most suitable packaging line.
Our range of packaging lines for cartons is very comprehensive. No matter what you want to pack, we can offer many different possibilities. There is a large choice in product speeds, carton shapes and carton constructions.

The basic system consists of a standard carton machine coupled in-line to a standard closing machine. This machine is then fitted with tools specifically for your product and adapted to your wishes.
Delivery programme
  • Machine components
  • Packaging machines for Confectionary
  • Wrap-around machines