Company name: NMC SA
Visiting address: GERT NOEL STRASSE 
Postal code & Place: 4731  EYNATTEN
Country: BELGIUM 
Telephone (central): +32 (0) 87 85 85 00 
Telefax (central): +32 (0) 87 85 86 89 
E-mail address: info@nmc.eu
Web address: www.nmc.eu
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: NMC
Your Partner for innovative foam solutions !

NMC sa is an international leading company in the development, the production and the distribution of synthetic foams based on polyolefin and elastomere raw materials.

We are supplying our products to the packaging and automotive industries. Our ranges of nomafoam cushion protection profiles are already being used successfully to prevent damage on furniture, sanitary, white goods, electronic products, windscreens and vehicles in transit. NOMAPACK gives an ideal protection during storage and transportation to products made out of wood, glass, metal or plastic with fragile edges or surfaces. Our flexible way of production allows us to offer a wide range of standard profiles (NOMAPACK C, L, Glas Pad, O, Pad, System, U, WS) and to make customized profiles with adhesives, pre-cuts, V-cuts or other special shapes.
With NOMAPACK you achieve an easy and quick handling to save packaging time and materials!

So whatever your business, if protection is a serious consideration, then the NMC range is a must !

Delivery programme
  • Corner protection material
  • Cushioning material
  • Filling/stuffing material
  • Profiles