Company name: RPC COBELPLAST N.V.
Visiting address: ANTWERPSESTEENWEG 14 
Postal code & Place: 9160  LOKEREN
Country: BELGIUM 
Telephone (central): +32 (0) 9 340 99 11 
Telefax (central): +32 (0) 9 340 99 12 
E-mail address: rpc.lokeren@cobelplast.be
Web address: www.rpc-cobelplast.be
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: RPC Cobelplast is market leader as producer of multilayered barrier sheet for thermoforming applications in the rigid packaging market. RPC Cobelplast is the main supplier to the form fill and seal market. Coextruded sheet thicknesses vary from 0.25 mm up to 2.5 mm, all supplied on reel.
The medium barrier sheets are based on coextrusions of HIPS with PE and polyester for the medium barrier applications improving the HIPS material in moisture vapour barrier, as well as stress crack resistance to fatty food products. The coextruded sheets are :
- A93 as HIPS/PE
- A50 as HIPS/PETG
The high barrier sheets are based on coextrusions of HIPS and PP as base material with high barrier materials as EVOH and PvDC. The coextruded sheets are :
For the polystyrene coextrusions :
- A95 as HIPS/PVdC/PE
For the polypropylene coextrusions :
- A101 as PP/EVOH/PP
- A101/PE as PP/EVOH/PE
The typical sheet formulation has to be discussed according the final application as well as the specific request for barrier vs shelf life, the storage time and temperature, the impact and the temperature resistance, the peel performance etc. .
Main application area of the high barrier products are : portion packaging, modified atmosphere packaging, aseptic as well as pasteurisable-retortable packaging, also microwavable.
Typical product applications :
- in aseptic UHT : dairy applications as desserts and milk portion packs, babyfood and drinks.
- in hot fill applications : cheese and fruit purees
- in pasteurised applications : fruit desserts
- retorted packs : soups, menus, sauces, paté, pet food
The PP based packs are also microwavable.
In addition to the standard barrier products, specific coextruded sheet solutions can be offered by RPC Cobelplast to solve your packaging request.
Delivery programme
  • Barrier packaging
  • Microwave packaging