Visiting address: NIEUWMOERSESTEENWEG 145 
Postal code & Place: 2910  ESSEN
Postal address: NIEUWMOERSESTEENWEG 145 
Postal code & Place: 2910  ESSEN
Country: BELGIUM 
Telephone (central): +32 (0) 3 6700730 
Telefax (central): +32 (0) 3 667 35 59 
E-mail address: welcome@valeron.com
Web address: www.valeron.eu
Company type: producer
Member of: BPI
Company information: Valéron Strength Films is a manufacturer of cross laminated HDPE and LLDPE films that are commercialised in a wide variety of applications and industries. Cross laminated films are characterized by their outstanding mechanical properties (tear resistance, tear propagation resistance and puncture resitsance) and are often used as a stand-alone film or as a key component (strength carrier) in a laminated structure in packaging applications.

Valéron Strength Films, established in 1965, has production facilities in Essen, Belgium and in Houston, Texas (USA) and a sales office in Shanghai (China). The production facility in Belgium, operates under a ISO 9001-2000 quality certification and a ISO 14001-2004 environmental management certificate.

In packaging, Valéron is mostly used in one of the following applications: flexible child resistant packaging, light tight packaging of photo reels, in mould label for beer crates, tear free packaging of explosive materials, safety packaging of dangerous chemicals and/or xenobiotic substances,...

Valéron Strength Films also commercialises products in construction applications and as a print medium in the printing industry.
Delivery programme
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  • Film, plastic