Company name: 3M (SCHWEIZ) AG
Visiting address: EGGSTRASSE 93 
Postal code & Place: 8803  RüSCHLIKON
Telephone (central): +41 44 724 91 21 
Telefax (central): +41 44 724 94 68 
Web address: www.3m.com/ch
Company type: producer
Member of: SVI
Company information: 3M is a diversified technology company with a worldwide presence in the following markets: consumer and office; display and graphics; electro and communications; health care; industrial and transportation; and safety, security and protection services. What makes us so diverse is our ability to apply our technologies � often in combination � to an endless array of customer needs.

Our Values
� Provide investors an attractive return through sustained, quality growth.
� Satisfy customers with superior quality, value and service.
� Respect our social and physical environment.
� Be a company employees are proud to be part of.

3M At a Glance
� Worldwide sales: $22.9 billion.
� International sales: $14.1 billion (61 percent of company's total).
� Companies in more than 60 countries.
� 3M products sold in nearly 200 countries.
� More than 69,000 employees.
� 3M employs mostly local nationals. Fewer than 300 3M employees
worldwide are Foreign Service Employees not residing in their home
� Plant locations: 139 worldwide.
� Sales office locations: 188 worldwide.