Company name: O. KLEINER AG
Visiting address: SCHÜTZENMATTWEG 26 
Postal code & Place: 5610  WOHLEN
E-mail address: info@okleiner.ch
Web address: www.okleiner.ch / www.canpeel.com
Company type: producer
Member of: SVI
Company information: - Business activity

O. KLEINER AG is producing flexible packaging material for food and non-food products for the national and international market.

- Foundation


- legal form

independent family-owned company

- Certificates

ISO 9001:2000 / BRC/IoP

- Technology

Due to our three available disposable printing processes in-house, flexo (up to 9 colours (8 + 1)), gravure (up to 10 colours) and digital print (up to 7 colours), we are able to offer a first class choice of the most appropriate printing processes. With the slitting equipment including integrated laser technology for laser scribing and perforation, O. KLEINER AG complies with the requirements of the market-defining trend towards convenience products.

The range of ready-made products, such as block-bottom bags or bags with valves, has been upgraded by the production of pouches-on-a-chain which are used with the low-cost ?pouches-on-a-chain? packaging systems.

Our latest product, ?canpeel?? the user-friendly peel-off end, awarded with the ?iF packaging award? at interpack 2008, the ?SwissStar consumer prize? and the ?ScanStar?, is a cost-effective can closure system which can be integrated into an existing production process without any further adaptations. It is captivating by the peelable and printable multi-layer film as well as by the ring with retort curl without any sharp edges. We can either supply ready-made ends or the flexible multi-layer-film.
Delivery programme
  • Antistatic packaging
  • Bags with valves
  • Bags with windows
  • Bags, aluminium
  • Bags, block-bottom
  • Bags, laminated
  • Bags, other
  • Bags, stand bottom bags
  • Barrier packaging
  • Biodegradable packaging
  • Closures, other
  • Film, laminated
  • Pouches
  • Vacuum packaging