Company name: TESA BANDFIX AG
Visiting address: INDUSTRIESTRASSE 19 
Postal code & Place: 8962  BERGDIETIKON
E-mail address: tesa-bandfix@tesa.com
Web address: www.tesa.ch
Company type: producer
Member of: SVI

Appealing and unique packaging provides a competitive edge in today’s marketplace to win over customers. With tailor-made label solutions from tesa Bandfix AG, the Swiss leader in technology for self-adhesive labels and labeling technology, new multi-faceted opportunities abound in the shaping and designing of packaging.

High-quality decorative labels are manufactured using innovative printing and special finishes in the areas of cosmetics, food/nonfood as well as for chemical-technical products. Whether metallic colors, in the no-label look or with a 3-D effect – tesa Bandfix labels make for a striking product presentation at the point of sale.

To boost sales there is a variety of on-pack promotional labels which can mean achieving the match-winning points for your business. Multi-page folding brochures with lucky numbers and scratch fields provide excitement and, additionally, offer ample space for attractive product presentation. Special two-layer labels can include stickers or bonus points for contests or customer loyalty programs. Self-adhesive tattoos and stickers with glitter and shine effects are desirable collector’s and trading items and are an excellent choice as advertising space or as congenial ambassadors for events and for campaigns.

To complete our range of label solutions tesa Bandfix offers a wide variety of functional labels such as first-open-guarantee labels, sealing and resealable labels to be used on bags for food or wet wipes. The sealing labels can be fitted with a tamper indicator and thus provide comprehensive protection for the consumer. When there is an increased need for communication resulting from information and declaration requirements, two-layer labels are the ideal solution.

tesa Bandfix’s special manufacturing process for customer-specific label solutions markedly distinguishes itself from other competing products. tesa Bandfix is the only label printer capable of applying the required adhesive to the label directly during the printing process. This highly efficient production process for film labels offers numerous advantages for the customer:

The thickness of the material can be selected as required, even beyond the range of standard thicknesses. The printed image is protected from scratching and migration by reverse printing. The offset printing process results in printed images of photographic quality. No lamination is required for transparent labels. The inline adhesive coating provides definite cost advantages and allows for non-dependence on raw material suppliers. In addition, a partial adhesive coating is possible, for example, for glue-free tabs.

Based on this sophisticated technology, tesa Bandfix has succeeded in achieving growth figures substantially above market average.

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