Company name: WIPF AG
Visiting address: INDUSTRIESTRASSE 29 
Postal code & Place: 8604  VOLKETSWIL
Postal address: INDUSTRIESTRASSE 29 
Postal code & Place:   
Telephone (central): 041 44 947 22 11 
Telefax (central): 041 44 947 22 89 
E-mail address: info@wipf.ch
Web address: www.wipf.ch
Company type: producer
Member of: SVI
Company information: Wipf is specialized in the development and manufacture of high-barrier packaging laminates made of plastics with aluminium foil or other barrier layers for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as for non-food products such as construction, agro and household chemicals.
We supply most laminates in reels but we also have a high performance pouching division equipped to produce a wide range of premade bags and pouches.
Our technologies are:
Film production: Blown film coextrusion
Film finishing: Lamination
Printing: Gravure, flexography
Bag production: Side-sealed bags, sealed stand-up and gusset bags,
with aroma-protection/pressure relief valves, ziplock closures, spouts.
Adhesive-sealed square and cross-bottom bags
Production of aroma protection/pressure relief valves.
Delivery programme
  • Bags with valves
  • Bags with windows
  • Bags, aluminium
  • Bags, block-bottom
  • Bags, laminated
  • Bags, other
  • Bags, stand bottom bags
  • Barrier packaging
  • Portion packaging
  • Pouches