Company name: C.S.I. S.P.A. GRUPPO IMQ
Visiting address: VIALE LOMBARDIA 20 
Postal code & Place: 20021  BOLLATE
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 (0) 2 383301 
Telefax (central): +39 (0) 2 3503940 
E-mail address: info@csi-spa.com
Web address: www.csi-spa.com
Member of: III
Company information: CSI is a Certifications and Behavior Analyses Center that
operates on a very diversified market characterized by a
high entrance barrier from the know-how and investments
point of view. It possesses “state-of-the-art” test rigs, skills,
equipment, sophisticated instrumentation and highly
professional technicians.
Besides Food Packaging Materials, CSI operates through other Division in the
field of certification and testing, each in a very specific area.
Delivery programme
  • Testing of packaging