Company name: COOPBOX GROUP S.P.A.
Visiting address: VIA GRANDI 8 
Postal code & Place: 42100  REGGIO EMILIA
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 (0) 522 2991 
Telefax (central): +39 (0) 522 292817 
E-mail address: info@coopbox.it
Web address: www.coopbox.it
Company type: producer
Member of: III
Company information: Coopbox was founded in 1972 and has developed over the years to become a leading company in Italy and one of the top European manufacturers of packaging and wrapping systems for fresh food.

Boasting a turnover of more than 130 million Euros and 650 employees, Coopbox Group is presently operative with its own production plants, commercial offices and subsidiaries in Italy, in Spain (Coopbox Hispania and Dynaplast), in the Slovak Republic (Coopbox Eastern) and in France (Promatec).

Personalized Packaging to the service of the client

Coopbox, which developed parallel to the large-scale retail trade, supporting its requirements and expectations, now serves large-scale retailers, the agro-food industry and food packaging companies. It guarantees a complete range of packaging solutions for food products (red and white meats, fish, fruit and vegetables, cakes and pastries and bakery goods, ice-creams and ready-to-serve products). and stands out thanks to the constant attention it places on the needs of the customer and the innovation of its services and products.

The Product Range

The range of Coopbox products is the result of skilful design and product innovation, backed up by the joint collaboration with important research institutes. Its products are characterised by the constant testing of new solutions and materials for packaging foodstuffs, such as the drain tray Drymax, the modified atmosphere packaging tray Aerpack, the brand new container in expanded P.E.T. Dot and the biodegradable tray Naturalbox, made in expanded polylactic acid, a raw material derived from renewable vegetable sources and therefore totally biodegradable.

Coopbox products are practical and resistant and combine optimal performance with high aesthetic qualities. Special attention is placed on respect for the environment and international production standards: each product bears the marks of foods suitability, of recyclability and the mark certifying the use of pure raw materials.

Research and development to the Service of the Client

The Coopbox R&D centre in Bibbiano (Reggio Emilia, Italy) is the heart of these research activities: it is here where innovative solutions for food and packaging systems as well as materials are tested.

Our aim is to achieve integrated products and systems which give increasing guarantees from the point of view of food preservation and quality, hygiene and respect for the environment. Products and solutions that meet the increasingly advanced demands of both consumers and small and large scale retailers alike.

Coopbox Italia proposes different types of products, which are divided into an extensive range of services that can meet the diversified needs of its customers. It achieves this goal by constantly updating its technology and thanks to the added value of research and experience.
Delivery programme
  • Dishes/trays, plastic