Company name: GAMMA-PACK S.P.A.
Visiting address: VIA DON CORCHIA, 17 
Postal code & Place: 43013  LANGHIRANO
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 0521 857592/0521-852666 
Telefax (central): +39 0521 858155 
E-mail address: info@gammapack.com
Web address: www.gammapack.com
Company type: producer
Member of: III
Company information: Gamma Pack spa has been active in the flexible barrier packaging sector, mainly for use in the food industry, since 1976. The company specialises in producing and printing flexible, technical and multi-layer packaging (both laminated and co-extruded) used for preserving fresh, or, more generally, perishable food. Backed by years of experience, Gamma Pack expertly combines efficiency and convenience to provide perfect solutions to the multifaceted requirements of the packaging sector. Thanks to continually evolving company know-how and technology, we can also realise high barrier films for long term preservation of food products.
Gamma Pack’s strong competitive position results from consistent attention to every aspect of production and marketing in addition to the characteristic flexibility of an average-sized company.
Our products range:
 Personalised and transparent bags for vacuum and controlled atmosphere;
 Personalised and transparent vacuum bags for external suction machines;
 Personalised and transparent thermo-retractable bags;
 5, 7 and 11 layers flexible films for thermoforming;
 High barrier flexible films for thermoforming;
 Rigid films for thermoforming;
 Personalised and transparent laminated films;
 High barrier flexible films for flow pack and top films for trays both personalised and transparent.

Efficient warehouse management guarantees rapid response to customer demand, with very short delivery times for bag and film orders for particular prints or sizes. For strategic reasons and total customer satisfaction current production includes:
 Co-extrusion in cast-film with 5/7 and 11 layers;
 Lamination for films with up to 4 layers;
 Personalised films and bags with 8 colour flexographic and infinitesimal format.

Thanks to a constant commitment to R & D activities and in-depth understanding of the specific problems of different sectors of the food industry, Gamma Pack is increasingly able to meet customers’ specific requirements, establishing a continual collaboration which is of mutual benefit to both parties, permitting Gamma Pack to develop and study new products and guaranteeing customers full support throughout the packaging process. Thanks also to an extremely dynamic investment trend aimed at expanding production capacity and the range of products, the company has managed to strengthen its position on both national and international markets in a relatively period of time.
Product quality is controlled in accordance with the strict criteria laid down in UNI EN ISO 9001:9002 “TUV MANAGEMENT SERVICE”* certification. All production processes are rigorously controlled to guarantee high production standards. The company R & D department continues to produce increasingly innovative packaging with consequent product improvement.

* Certificate n 501002715
Delivery programme
  • Bags, plastic
  • Barrier packaging
  • Film, laminated