Company name: LOGIPACK S.R.L.
Visiting address: VIA BALDISSERO, 21 
Postal code & Place: 10090  VIDRACCO TO
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 (0) 125 713046 
Telefax (central): +39 (0) 125 638794 
E-mail address: ivano.arrighi@logipack.it
Web address: www.logipack.it
Company type: other
Member of: III
Company information: LOGIPACK, Logistic & Packaging, has been present in the market since 2000. Our company offers services to firms who operate in the logistic and packaging fields through consultancy and formation.
LOGIPACK is made up of a team of professionals formed through their singular experiences in the development of projects to improve and optimize industrial processes
LOGIPACK considers that a sectorial approach cannot be used to attain the best results for logistic systems, but through parallel analysis of all activities of the company.

Development of an intervention by LOGIPACK is phased as follows

• Logistic system and packaging check-up
• Pinpointing critical areas and classification into ABC
• Preliminary project of alternative solutions
• Technical-economical comparison between the alternatives and the present situation
• Pinpointing best solution
• Executive project of the best solution

Start-up assistance and formation of employees


Integrated project of structural module product, packaging, storage and distribution, with particular attention to
• Determining the critical areas of the product up to distribution
• Determining the fragility of the product
• Development of the packaging and the relative production methods
• Evaluation of the transportability of the packaged product


Optimization of ratio between performance/cost, through functional analysis of products and services, with particular reference to packaging, warehousing and transportation.

Delivery programme
  • Consultancy