Visiting address: VIA INDUSTRIALE 1/3 
Postal code & Place: 25028  VEROLANUOVA
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 030 93681 
Telefax (central): +39 030 9368404 
E-mail address: info.packaging@sirapgroup.com
Web address: www.sirapgroup.com
Company type: producer
Member of: III
Company information: With over 50 years of experience the Sirap Group is today one of the most important producers of packaging for foods and thermal-acoustic isolation systems in Europe. The Sirap Group offers innovative products, the result of the experience of professionals who have been working for years to satisfy the many varied needs of our customers.
Innovative choices every day lead to the search for new ways and possibilities which offer concrete solutions to clients and which widen the Group’s range and allow access to new scenarios and opportunities.

Sirap Packaging is one of the most important producers of single-use plastic packaging in Europe. Products are made that merge design with the functionality and respect for the environment in order to satisfy the many needs of the clients. The range of products concerns foam containers and containers made in rigid material.

The Sirap Group’s numbers today are:

1387 collaborators
238 M € of turnover in 2009
12 production sites and 23 administrative head-offices throughout Europe
Delivery programme
  • Trays, plastic