Company name: TÜV ITALIA S.R.L.
Visiting address: VIA CARDUCCI 125 - EDIFICIO 23 
Postal code & Place: 20099  SESTO SAN GIOVANNI
Country: ITALY 
Telephone (central): +39 02 24130.1 
Telefax (central): +39 02 24130.399 
E-mail address: tuv.ps-tec@tuv.it
Web address: www.tuv.it
Company type: other
Member of: III
Company information: TÜV ITALIA S.R.L., Italian subsidiary of TÜV SÜD Group, is a testing and certification body with 9 local offices and about 200 employees that can provide, for the packaging sector, the following services:
- Vibrations’ simulation during truck, aircraft, train or ship transport for products with package's dimensions up to 1200x1300x2000 mm and weight up to maximum 230 kg.
- Free fall and impact tests with accelerometers on packaged and palletized products
- Stacking up and/or compression for storage simulation
- Clamping tests
- Fragility tests to determine toughness level of the product and its package’s study/projecting.
- Packages optimization service according to the different transportations requirements
Delivery programme
  • Consultancy
  • Testing of packaging